Nic's Visual Basic Projects

Nic's Projects


Programs are:  All Downloader, BMI & BMR Calculator, Countdown Timer, Email Spammer, Encrypt&Decrypt, Shutdown Control, Winfinity, 7 Sins Auto Reloader, System Info, TextToSpeech, and Tiny URL

Program Descriptions

Advanced Screen Recorder: Screen recorder including the choice to change the screen recording size, record with sound, record showing cursor, frames per second, and quality. 

All Downloader: Input URL of a video, photo, HTM/HTML site, etc.

BMI & BMR Calculator: Calculates your BMI & BMR based on weight, height, age, and gender. It will also tell you what you are based on doctor calculations.

Countdown Timer: Plain and simple, its a countdown timer that shows how much time is left and tells you when it's done.

DecBinHexOctAsciiChar Converter:  This program will convert between decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal, ascii and char values. 

Electronics Calculator: This program allows you to calculate the resistance from a resistor and an inductor's value given the band colors, as well as calculating a SMD resistor value based off the numbers on top if the device, plus a calculator for Ohm's Law.

Email Spammer: It will spam an email as many times as you want (It has a counter to let you know how many have been sent). The program also supports nine different email clients including, AT&T, AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Windows Live, Netscape, Opera Mail, Verizon, and Yahoo.

Encrypt&Decrypt: It's a program that encrypts and decrypts a text and sets a password to it.

Shutdown Control: A Program that lets you restart, lock, sleep, logout, and shutdown(plus the choice of a timer) your computer, with a nice little clock on it.

Winfinity:  An advanced web browser + downloader.

7 Sins Auto Reloader:  A program that helps you get into a 10th prestige lobby in Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360. It goes to a form page where people post there lobbies. It will reload the page every minute and has a button for manual reload.

System Info:  This a program that gives you information about your computer, from the BIOS to your ALT key.

TextToSpeech: A program that will read the text that you type, with volume and speed control.

Tiny URL: This is a basic program that shrinks a URL which goes through the server where it imports the long URL, then exports the shrunk URL.  

Give me some ideas and I'll see if I can make it.